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Friday, September 25, 2009


The Chef: Underdog

The Menu: A perfect picnic triptych of savory goodies. Veggie dogs—of the Polish, Smoked Apple Sage, Italian, and Mexican Chipotle varieties—smothered in relish, onions, ketchup, sauerkraut, and two kinds of mustard were served alongside tater tots and potato salad.

The Goods: We dined al fresco today, as we went on a little lunchtime adventure. To get the full details, make sure to check out our editorial assistant Sara's first Press Pass entry ever! In the meantime, go make yourself a nice big veggie dog and go nuts with condiments—it'll be just like you had lunch with us! If you happen to be in the SF Bay Area, come see Elizabeth on the Politics of Food panel at the BlogHer Food '09 conference tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Dog!

The Chef: Rizza Punzalan of Underdog

The Menu: Hot dogs! Today we took a very special field trip to the Inner Sunset neighborhood to check out Underdog, an all-organic hot dog joint that serves up a selection of vegan dogs. And tater tots. We're talking like, baskets of delicious, hot tater tots, which, in case it wasn't abundantly clear, made us all very happy. There are four vegan dogs on the menu—a classic dog, Bratwurst, Polish, and Italian—and the homemade potato salad is to die for. With homemade sauerkraut, chopped onions, fresh relish, perfectly toasted buns, and a selection of ketchup and mustards, these dogs totally hit the spot.

The Goods: Why the extra-special lunchtime outing, you ask? Today we honored the birth of our very own publisher, Mr. Joseph Connelly. We won't be saying how many candles there were on his cake at the office, but suffice it to say that he started the day off with an 18-mile run. Seeing as most of the rest of us started the day off by, uh, rolling out of bed shortly before leaving the house for work, we were all rather impressed. Happy Birthday to Joe, and happy vegan hot dogs to all! In case you're wondering what happy vegan hot dogs look like, here's a photo of the whole VN team, hot dogs in hand: