Friday, February 17, 2012

Oh, Ike's

The Chefs: Elizabeth and Ike's Place

The Menu: A freaking delicious Vegan Womanizer: breaded vegan chicken with marinara sauce and vegan cheese on Dutch crunch bread, served with chips.

The Goods: You know what? Friday is fan-freaking-tastic. First of all, it's Friday before a three-day weekend, so that's a pretty good start. Then, for lunch honorary VN staffer Peter volunteered to go pick up sandwiches for everybody from Ike's. You know what makes any day better? An Ike's sandwich, that's what. We got to enjoy said sandwiches on our gorgeous deck in the sun with puppies (see below). And then we were lucky enough to receive a delivery of the highly delightful No Whey Chocolates! We are spoiled rotten. Here's hoping that your weekend is off to an equally awesome start!

Getting some quality time with Khane yesterday. We had more sun and good times on the deck today!

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