Friday, October 14, 2011

Spork Foods Book Bash Taste Test!

The Chefs: Hilary and vegan personal chef/caterer Rebecca Dienner

The Menu: Barbecue tempeh mini-pizzas, Lilliputian black bean burgers, twice-baked pearl potatoes, chickpea cakes with truffled sauce, and corn cakes with smoked-paprika spread. (Pictured: not even the tip of the iceberg. Good things come to those who attend!)

The Goods: Oh happy day! This afternoon we got to to taste-test some nifty little appetizers that may or may not be making their way to the tables of our eagerly anticipated Book Bash with Spork Foods next Friday. Vegan chef Rebecca Dienner whipped up a variety of Spork-inspired bites for us to sink our teeth into and appraise the noshability of—it was a hard job, but someone had to do it. Between the smoky mini-pizzas, cheesy twice-baked pearl potatoes, and perfectly fluffy corn cakes, to name just a few of the contenders, it was a tough call, but we narrowed our options down to three perfect bites that are sure to make a splash. Buy your tickets today for a chance to experience the culinary magic of our final selections. Spork on! 


Michael Crosby said...

Hi, I just returned from the Lifestyle Expo and the person sitting next to me mentioned this website.

I have two questions:

Are you the folks who have the vegan cruise out of FL every year?

How do I subscribe to your blog? I looked but I don't see how to subscribe. Thank you.

VegNews Magazine said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reading! We do not organize the Taste of Health Cruise, but you can find information about the cruise here:

And you can subscribe to our magazine here:

Hope that helps!