Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fancy Salad!

The Chef: Elizabeth

The Menu: A salad! But, fear not, dear reader(s). This is not just your average everyday normal guy salad. Oh no, the compelling compendium of comestibles includes romaine (boring), kale (boring, but addictive), hearts of palm (what?! Delicious!), chopped basil (pow!), chopped up leftover seasoned potatoes (très fancy!), cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden of our Associate Editor Jennifer Chen's mother (bursting with flavor, no joke), Parma! (a necessity), and avocado, which needs no explanation.

The Goods: Today is a lull at the VNHQ. Tomorrow the proofs for our November+December Veggie Awards issue come in, and just as soon as we get done going over them and sending them to press, Joseph and Colleen head out on our first-ever Food Lover's Tour of Thailand. We've been working like maniacs on the Veggie Awards issue, and pretty much totally can't wait for it to be in our hot little hands. To take advantage of today's slightly slower pace, we enjoyed lunch al fresco on the deck, where it was roughly 115 degrees, aka the perfect temperature. (Yes, the actual temp was more like 75, but that's clearly beside the point. This is what we call "summer" in SF!)

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